The Hat-Stand Union

Client: Carcanet Press
Date: October 23, 2013
Services: Illustration

Cover Illustration for The HatStand Union, a collection of poems by Caroline Bird, published by Carcanet.

Caroline Bird in her fourth book of poems turns familiar stories on their heads. Adrift in a surreal world of the everyday, Bird’s protagonists declaim Chekhov in supermarkets, purchase mail-order tears, sing love-songs to hat-stands. At the centre of the collection Bird evokes the sinister side of Camelot, haunted by the experiments of its crazed tyrant-king. Bird’s characters and voices are at once savvy and vulnerable; underlying the exuberance is empathy with those who have lost themselves somewhere along the way. The everyday world of The Hat-Stand Union is beautiful, ominous and full of surprise.

The Hat-Stand Union book cover