The Big March Campaign

Client: The BB Group
Date: September 1, 2014
Services: Illustration, UX Design

A highlight of my involvement in political campaigning engagement was designing the highly successful Big March 2010 digital campaign; the world’s first ever global virtual march.

The idea of the Big March 2010 was to bring a protest calling for a Government Review on Bullying into the digital space. It occupied digital real estate rather than streets and neighbourhoods with avatars with placards representing people, marching across websites in real-time and in a linear fashion, just like a real protest: over 800 000 users signed the petition. We ran the Big March again in 2012, having decided that the next step was to take the movement against bullying to the global stage. This time I was the Digital lead on the campaign, over 1 million people signed the petition and we won ‘Best Use of Digital’, Third Sector Excellence Awards 2012.

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